Log House Project Fundraiser Promotion

The West Blocton Coke Ovens Park is excited to announce our four-week promotion for the log house project fundraiser. The promotion will run from October 25 through November 22. See the project page for more details.

We encourage everyone who treasures our local history to donate what they can to allow us to keep this cabin in Bibb County. To make this fun, we will be offering games, prizes, and onsite events at the park to raise awareness (and, hopefully, dollars.) The four-week event includes:

  • Weekly drawings from the list of donors – so donate early to be eligible to win early!
  • Weekly giveaways to promote sharing our cause with your family and friends
  • Social media games on our facebook page to encourage interaction and help get the word out

Want to get involved now? Take action:

With everyone’s help, we can achieve this incredible goal!

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